Working Packages

1 Work package number: WP8
2 Work package title: Diploma theses, seminars/workshops and an international conference on 3D printed optimized structures - Communication, dissemination and exploitation activities
3 Starting Month: 1/48
4 Lead Beneficiary: NTUA
5 Objectives: The objectives of WP8 are related to Training, Communication and Dissemination activities. More specifically, in this WP International Conferences and Specialized Seminars/Workshops on topics related to additive manufacturing of structural elements and structures in conjunction with design optimization will be organized while students from TC will carry out undergraduate and graduate thesis in MS organizations that will be jointly supervised by two members of the Network.
6 Description of Work:

In order to reinforce the connection between the members of the Network and disseminate the results of the project, three training actions will be implemented: (1) Organization of International Conferences, (2) Organization of Specialized Scientific Seminars/Workshops and (3) Joint supervision of diploma Theses.

  • Training Activities: Task 8.1 Diploma Theses: In the framework of this Network it is anticipated that each year, several project students will visit MS and TC participants to carry out Diploma Theses in areas related to this project, (Lead by POLITO).
  • Training Activities: Task 8.2 Specialized Workshops and Seminar on ADDOPT: Specialized workshops related to specific topics of the ADDOPTML project will be organized, together with one seminar where members of the consortium will deliver tutorial courses, (Lead by UCY & USTUTT).
  • Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Activities: Task 8.3 International conference series on optimization aided 3D printing of structures: Sessions related to specific topics of the Conference are introduced by keynote lectures, with high international reputation in the field, and complemented by invited Minisymposia, organized by recognized experts in research areas of current interest, as well as by contributed papers submitted directly to the Conference secretariat, (Lead by NTUA).
  • Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation Activities: Task 8.4 Communication, dissemination and exploitation of the ADDOPTML project’s outcomes: In this Task, dissemination and exploitation activities will be carried out, that include presence at trade shows / conferences on 3D printing and Construction/Design Innovation to showcase printed specimens, prototypes and structural steel connectors, next to program research results, (Lead by MX3D BV).