Working Packages

1 Work package number: WP4
2 Work package title: Application of the ADDOPTML framework to the generative design concept
3 Starting Month: 25/48
4 Lead Beneficiary: UCY
5 Objectives: The main goal of the proposed WP is the development of a framework for exploiting machine learning methods as prototype generators. Such methods can be used as a combination of guided but intuitive at the same time prototyping applications from the starting point of drafting a design to the final part of 3D printing construction.
6 Description of Work:

This WP will be concentrated on the investigation and development of physical prototyping methods based on Additive Manufacturing that can be applied in various scales of suggested structural components (structural elements and joints) and systems, aiming at further evaluation according to their constructability, their ability to be easily assembled as well as according to their structural performance and properties.

  • Task 4.1 The framework: The first task of the proposed WP is the formulation of the generative design framework, (Lead by NTUA).
  • Task 4.2 The guidance of intuition: A joint research with machine learning engineers will be performed for dealing with the challenges of the specific task, (Lead by UCY).
  • Task 4.3 All scale testing: After defining the generative design framework, it’s processes will be evaluated with the production of small scale prototypes, (Lead by NTUA).